Meaning of CHARLES in English



known as Charles the Bald

born June 13, 823

died Oct. 6, 877, Brides-les-Bain, Fr.

Carolingian king (843–77) and emperor (875–77).

He was the son of the emperor Louis I and his second wife Judith. Louis's efforts to include Charles in the succession led to revolts against the emperor by his three older sons. After the death of Louis, Charles fought his two surviving half brothers in a bloody civil war (840–43) that was concluded with the Treaty of Verdun , which settled the terms of succession. Charles was granted the kingdom of the western Franks, which he ruled with the support of the bishops despite the wavering loyalties of his vassals and the attacks of Norsemen, Bretons, and Germans. In 864 he won control of Aquitaine, and in 870 he gained western Lorraine. He was crowned emperor in 875 but died two years later in the midst of invasion and internal revolt. Inspired by his grandfather, Charlemagne , Charles was a patron of the arts and oversaw the revival of the splendours of the Carolingian renaissance.

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