Meaning of CHARLES in English


Swedish Karl

born Oct. 4, 1550, Stockholm, Swed.

died Oct. 30, 1611, Nyköping

King of Sweden (1604–11).

Third son of Gustav I Vasa , he helped lead a rebellion against the rule of his half brother Erik XIV that placed his other brother on the throne as John III. After the accession (1592) of his devoutly Catholic nephew, Sigismund III , Charles called the Convention of Uppsala, which demanded that Lutheranism be retained as the national religion. He opposed Sigismund in a civil war, and after the latter was deposed Charles became the virtual ruler of Sweden (1599–1604). Declared king in 1604, he pursued an aggressive foreign policy that led to war with Poland (1605) and Denmark (the Kalmar War, 1611–13).

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