Meaning of CHARLES in English


born May 29, 1630, London, Eng.

died Feb. 6, 1685, London

King of Great Britain and Ireland (1660–85).

Son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria , he supported his father in the English Civil Wars . After his father's execution, he invaded England in 1651 but was defeated at Worcester. He then spent years in exile until Oliver Cromwell died and conditions favored a return to the monarchy. His Declaration of Breda paved the way for him to be proclaimed king in May 1660 (see Restoration ). He became known as "the Merry Monarch" for his lifting of Puritan restrictions on entertainment and his own love of pleasure; his best-known mistress was the actress Nell Gwyn . Important events of his reign included the controversial Treaty of Dover and two wars with the Dutch (see Anglo-Dutch Wars ). By the 1670s the miscarriages of his queen, Catherine of Braganza , had reduced hopes that he would have a legitimate heir (though he left at least 14 illegitimate offspring). He almost lost control of his government when hysteria arose over the Popish Plot to replace him with his Roman Catholic brother James (the future James II ). Charles kept his nerve, reestablished his political control, and eventually enjoyed a resurgence in loyalty. His political adaptability and acumen enabled him to steer his country through the struggle between Anglicans, Catholics, and dissenters that marked his reign.

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