Meaning of CHARLES in English



Spanish Carlos

born Jan. 20, 1716, Madrid, Spain

died Dec. 14, 1788, Madrid

King of Spain (1759–88).

Son of Philip V and Isabella Farnese , he was duke of Parma (1732–34) and king of Naples (as Charles VII, 1734–59) before becoming king of Spain. He was convinced of his mission to reform Spain and make it once more a first-rate power, but his foreign policy was not successful; Spain's losses in the Seven Years' War revealed naval and military weakness. He was more successful in strengthening his own empire; during his reign Spain undertook commercial reforms, made territorial adjustments in the interest of defense, and introduced a modern administrative system. One of the enlightened despots of the 18th century, he helped lead Spain to a brief cultural and economic revival.

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