Meaning of CHARLES in English

I . Prince Charles

(1948– )

the present Prince of Wales . He is the first son of Queen Elizabeth II and is expected to become the next British king. In 1981 he married Lady Diana Spencer, who became Diana, Princess of Wales . They had two children but separated in 1992. There is a lot of discussion in the media about whether he will marry Camilla Parker-Bowles . Prince Charles is well known for his interest in architecture and his concern for the environment. He is also a keen painter and has written a children’s book, The Old Man of Lochnagar (1980).

➡ note at Royal Family .

II . Ray Charles


a blind US singer who wrote songs and played the piano. He recorded many kinds of music, including the blues , country music , gospel and jazz . His best-known songs include I’ve Got a Woman (1955) and Georgia on My Mind (1960). Charles received 11 Grammy awards, including those for Hit the Road Jack (1961), A Song for You (1963) and Crying Time (1966).

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