Meaning of CHARLES in English

[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Adams Charles Francis

Addams Charles Samuel

Atlas Charles

Babbage Charles

Barkley Charles Wade

Charles Daly Barnet

Bartlett Sir Frederic Charles

Baudelaire Charles Pierre

Beard Charles Austin

Benchley Robert Charles

Charles Edward Anderson Berry

Charles Ferdinand de Bourbon

Bessey Charles Edwin

Best Charles Herbert

Anthony Charles Lynton

Blanc Jean Joseph Charles Louis

Borromeo Saint Charles

Boulle André Charles

André Charles Boule

Boyer Charles

Brown Charles Brockden

Charles Albert Browning

Bukowski Charles

Bulfinch Charles

Burchfield Charles Ephraim

Burney Charles

Calmette Albert Léon Charles

Calonne Charles Alexandre de

Cange Charles du Fresne Lord du

Carroll Charles

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

Chamberlain Charles Joseph

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin

Charles Albert

Charles II

Charles the Lame

Charles of Anjou

Charles the Bad

Charles the Bald

Charles III

Charles the Simple

Charles the Fat

Charles IV

Charles the Fair

Charles of Luxembourg

Charles IX

Charles I

Charles Robert of Anjou

Charles Martel

Carolus Martellus Charles the Hammer

Charles River

Charles the Bold

Charles VI

Charles the Mad

Charles the Well Beloved

Charles VII

Charles VIII

Charles V

Charles the Wise

Charles XI

Charles XII

Charles XIII

Charles XIV John

Charles X

Charles X Gustav

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Charles Ray

Ray Charles Robinson

Chauncy Charles

Chesnutt Charles Waddell

Charles Christian

Clarke Arthur Charles

Claudel Paul Louis Charles Marie

Colman Ronald Charles

Charles William Gordon

Cooley Charles Horton

Cornwallis Charles Cornwallis 1st Marquess and 2nd Earl

Coughlin Charles Edward

Coulomb Charles Augustin de

Cressent Charles

Curtis Charles Gordon

Dana Charles Anderson

Darwin Charles Robert

Daubigny Charles François

Dawes Charles Gates

de Colmar Charles Xavier Thomas

de Gaulle Charles André Marie Joseph

Demuth Charles

Dibdin Charles

Dickens Charles John Huffam

Dilke Sir Charles Wentworth 2nd Baronet

Doherty Peter Charles

Draper Charles Stark

Drew Charles Richard

Duryea Charles Edgar and James Frank

Eames Charles and Ray

Eliot Charles William

Erickson Arthur Charles

Feininger Lyonel Charles Adrian

Finley Charles Oscar

Fourier François Marie Charles

Fox Charles James

Frémont John Charles

Friml Charles Rudolf

Fuller John Frederick Charles

Gibson Charles Dana

Goodyear Charles

Gordon Charles George

Goren Charles Henry

Gosden Freeman Fisher and Correll Charles J.

Gounod Charles François

Greene Charles Sumner and Henry Mather

Grey Charles Grey 2nd Earl

Griffes Charles Tomlinson

Guillemin Roger Charles Louis

Hagen Walter Charles

Hall Charles Martin

Woodrow Charles Herman

Charles Hardin Holley

Houston Charles Hamilton

Huggins Charles Brenton

Hughes Charles Evans

Charles Marie Georges Huysmans

Charles Icle Ivanhoe Ives

Ives Charles Edward

Jackson Charles Thomas

Charles Martin Jones

Kettering Charles Franklin

Kingsley Charles

Kinsey Alfred Charles

L'Enfant Pierre Charles

Lamb Charles

Lartigue Jacques Henri Charles Auguste

Laughton Charles

Le Brun Charles

Charles Édouard Jeanneret

Ray Charles Leonard

Lindbergh Charles Augustus

Loménie de Brienne Étienne Charles de

Louis Charles

Lovell Sir Alfred Charles Bernard

Salvatore Lucania later Charles Luciano

Lyell Sir Charles

MacArthur Charles Gordon

Mackintosh Charles Rennie

Macready William Charles

Manson Charles

Mickey Charles Mantle

Marsh Othniel Charles

Massey Charles Vincent

Maurras Charles Marie Photius

McKim Charles Follen

Merrill Charles Edward

Messiaen Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles

Mills Charles Wright

Mingus Charles

Mitchum Robert Charles Duran

Moley Raymond Charles

Montalembert Charles Forbes René count de

Morny Charles Auguste Louis Joseph duke de

Musset Louis Charles Alfred de

Parnell Charles Stewart

Parsons Sir Charles Algernon

Pathé Charles

Peale Charles Willson

Peirce Charles Sanders

Perrault Charles

Philipon Charles

Pinckney Charles

Pinckney Charles Cotesworth

Post Charles William

Power Charles Gavan

Reade Charles

Redford Jr. Charles Robert

Roberts Sir Charles George Douglas

Rockingham Charles Watson Wentworth 2nd marquess of

James Charles Rodgers

Gabriel Charles Dante Rossetti

Roussel Albert Charles Paul Marie

Russell Charles Taze

Saint Léon Charles Victor Arthur Michel

Saint Saë ns Charles Camille

Sainte Beuve Charles Augustin

Schulz Charles

Schwab Charles Michael

Scribner Charles

Charles Scrivener

Sheeler Charles

Sherrington Sir Charles Scott

Shrewsbury Charles Talbot duke and 12th earl of

Siemens Sir Charles William

Simic Charles

Sismondi Jean Charles Léonard Simonde de

Snow Charles Percy

Spearman Charles Edward

Stanhope Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl

Steinmetz Charles Proteus

Charles Dillon Stengel

Stuart Gilbert Charles

Sumner Charles

Swinburne Algernon Charles

Talleyrand Périgord Charles Maurice de

Tocqueville Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clérel de

Townes Charles Hard

Townshend of Rainham Charles Townshend 2nd Viscount

Varèse Edgard Victor Achille Charles

Venturi Robert Charles

Vergennes Charles Gravier count de

Weidman Charles

Wilson Charles Thomson Rees

Worth Charles Frederick

Yanofsky Charles

Charles Elwood Yeager

Zola Émile Édouard Charles Antoine

Charles Edward the Young Pretender

Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart

Lansdowne Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice 5th marquess of

Léopold Philippe Charles Albert Meinrad Hubertus Marie Miguel

Montesquieu Charles Louis de Secondat baron de La Brède et de

Napoléon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte

Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte

Northcliffe of Saint Peter Alfred Charles William Harmsworth Viscount

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