Meaning of FACE in English

(DEAL WITH) [verb] - to (cause or force to) recognize, think about, accept or deal with (a problem or difficulty)The dilemma facing ambulance and emergency personnel is poor communication. [T]They face/are faced with financial penalties. [T]We were faced by a flooded cellar. [T]The main question that faces us at present is how to avoid job losses. [T]We'll have to face her with (= give her) this new information and see what she has to say. [T]I can't face climbing those stairs again. [+ verb-ing]We'll have to face (the) facts and start cutting costs. [T]I've faced up to the knowledge that I'll never be a great writer. [I](informal) He'll have to face the music (= he'll be in trouble) when his parents find out he's been missing school.

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