Meaning of FACE in English


Function: verb

Inflected Form: faced ; fac · ing

Date: 15th century

transitive verb

1 : to confront impudently

2 a : to line near the edge especially with a different material b : to cover the front or surface of < faced the building with marble>

3 : to meet face-to-face or in competition

4 a : to stand or sit with the face toward b : to have the front oriented toward <a house facing the park>

5 a : to recognize and deal with straightforwardly < face the facts> b : to master by confronting with determination ― used with down < faced down his critics>

6 a : to have as a prospect : be confronted by < face a grim future> b : to be a prospect or a source of concern for <the problems that face us> c : to bring face-to-face <he was faced with ruin>

7 : to make the surface of (as a stone) flat or smooth

8 : to cause (troops) to face in a particular direction on command

intransitive verb

1 : to have the face or front turned in a specified direction

2 : to turn the face in a specified direction

– face the music : to meet an unpleasant situation, a danger, or the consequences of one's actions

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