Meaning of FACE in English


Function: verb

1 to have the face or front in a specified direction FF1C; the house faces toward the river FF1E;

Synonyms: front, look

Related Words: border, meet

Antonyms: back


Synonyms: MEET 6, close, encounter, front

Related Words: watch; gaze, glare, stare; await, expect, look (for)

3 to confront with courage or boldness FF1C; ready to face her accusers FF1E;

Synonyms: ||banter, beard, brave, challenge, dare, defy, ||double-dog dare, front, outdare, outface, venture

Related Words: confront, encounter, meet; oppose, resist, withstand; contend, fight

Idioms: brazen it out, face the music, face up to, take the bull by the horns

Contrasted Words: elude, escape, eschew, evade, shun

Antonyms: avoid


Synonyms: CONFRONT 1, affront, encounter, meet


Synonyms: ACCOST 2, confront, front

Related Words: beard, brave, challenge, dare, defy

Idioms: stand up to


Synonyms: ENGAGE 5, encounter, meet, take on


Synonyms: SHEATHE , clad, side, skin

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