Meaning of FACE in English


Pronunciation: ' f ā s

Function: noun

Usage: often attrib

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *facia, from Latin facies make, form, face, from facere to make, do ― more at DO

Date: 13th century

1 a : the front part of the head that in humans extends from the forehead to the chin and includes the mouth, nose, cheeks, and eyes b : the face as a means of identification : COUNTENANCE <would know that face anywhere>

2 archaic : PRESENCE , SIGHT

3 a : facial expression <a friendly face > b : a facial expression of distaste or displeasure <he made a face when he saw the test results> c : MAKEUP 3A(1)

4 a (1) : outward appearance <put a good face on it> (2) : the aspect of something that is perceptible or obvious upon superficial examination <the theory is absurd on its face ― Kim Neely> b : DISGUISE , PRETENSE c (1) : ASSURANCE , CONFIDENCE <maintaining a firm face in spite of adversity> (2) : EFFRONTERY <how anyone could have the face to ask that question> d : DIGNITY , PRESTIGE <afraid to lose face >

5 : SURFACE : a (1) : a front, upper, or outer surface (2) : the front of something having two or four sides (3) : FACADE (4) : an exposed surface of rock (5) : any of the plane surfaces that bound a geometric solid b : a surface specially prepared: as (1) : the principal dressed surface (as of a disk) (2) : the right side (as of cloth or leather) (3) : an inscribed, printed, or marked side c : a striking surface (as of a tool) <the face of the golf club> <the face of an anvil> d (1) : the surface (as of type) that receives the ink and transfers it to the paper (2) : a style of type

6 : the end or wall of a mine tunnel, drift, or excavation at which work is progressing


8 : PERSON <lots of new face s around here>

– in one's face : directly and aggressively in one's presence <dunked the ball in his face > ― often used with get to describe aggressively confrontational speech or behavior <his boss got in his face about being late>

– in the face of also in face of : face-to-face with : DESPITE <fearless in the face of danger>

– to one's face : in one's presence or so that one is fully aware of what is going on

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