Meaning of FACE in English

n. in face of

about face

blue in the face

double face

egg on one's face

to one's face

in the face of

in one's face

face the music

face angle

face card

face centered

face cord

face first

face fly

face lift

face mask

face off

face plant

face saver

face saving

face time

face to face

face up

face value

fall on one's face

fly in the face of

hatchet face

in your face

long face

make a face

open face

poker face

pull a face

smiley face

stare one in the face

straight face

volte face

whey face

make faces

dough faced

bald faced

bold faced

brazen faced

double faced

hatchet faced

Janus faced

open faced

pie faced

po faced

poker faced

stone faced

straight faced

two faced

whey faced

white faced

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.