Meaning of FACE in English

n. 1 visage, countenance, physiognomy, features, lineaments, Slang mug, mush, kisser, pan, puss, Brit phiz, phizog, dial, clock I don't like the expression on your face 2 look, appearance, aspect, expression, mien He has the face of someone who is very proud of himself Modern farming has changed the face of the countryside. 3 mask, veneer, façade, front, camouflage, pretence, disguise, (false) impression, semblance, masquerade She puts on a bold face, but we know she was deeply hurt by your remarks 4 dignity, image, self-respect, standing, reputation, repute, name, honour, status You might lose face if you admit you were wrong 5 boldness, daring, audacity, effrontery, impudence, impertinence, presumption, brashness, Colloq gall, brass, nerve, cheek, guts, gutsiness, Brit brass neck, Slang US balls Who would have the face to name such a hotel 'The Palace'? 6 surface, exterior, front, outside, cover, facing, façade, skin The building will have a face of white marble 7 right side, obverse, front; dial The card landed face up The face of the clock is enamelled. 8 face to face. confronting, facing, opposite, en face, vis-à-vis, tête-à-tête, à deux, eye to eye, head to head, Colloq eyeball to eyeball We met face to face for the first time in the courtroom 9 in the face of. in defiance of, notwithstanding, despite, in spite of, confronting, in opposition to Some experts attacked the report for flying in the face of received wisdom 10 make a face. grimace, change one's expression, murgeon When I said I would be there, she made a face 11 on the face of it. to all or outward appearances, seemingly, apparently, superficially, evidently On the face of it, I assumed that he was guilty 12 show one's face. put in or make an appearance, appear, arrive, be seen, turn up, Colloq show up I suppose I ought to show my face at the office party 13 to one's face. directly, brazenly, eye to eye, face to face, candidly, openly, frankly I told him to his face that he was a liar

v. 14 confront, brave, meet (with), encounter, experience, deal or cope with, come or go up against; appear before In the jungle we faced grave danger from man-eating tigers She faces her first audience tonight. 15 give (out) or front on or onto, front towards, overlook, look out on or over; be opposite Our rooms face the lake Facing page 22 is a map of the area. 16 coat, surface, cover, clad, dress, sheathe, overlay, finish; veneer The collar is faced with velvet 17 face down. confront, intimidate, cow, subdue, overawe, browbeat I'll not be faced down by that impudent clerk 18 face up to. a admit, accept, acknowledge, allow, confess We must all face up to our own shortcomings b confront, deal or cope with, come or go up against, brave, come to terms with; brazen through or out, bite (on) the bullet, grasp the nettle You wouldn't be able to face up to your wife if you'd forgotten her birthday

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