Meaning of GLOW in English


[verb] [I] - to produce a continuous light and sometimes heatThese bullets contain a special chemical which glows brightly as the bullets fly through the air, indicating the path they have taken.A small nightlight glowed dimly in the corner of the children's bedroom.Polonium is so radioactive that it glows in the dark.He lit another cigarette from the glowing stub of the previous one.See also glowing.Someone who is glowing is hot or red because of exercise.When we got back from our walk in the snow, my whole body was glowing.To glow is also to look attractive because you are happy or healthy.Her eyes glowed as he told her how well she had done.The children's faces were glowing with excitement.They came back from their week by the sea, glowing with health.A glow-worm is a beetle, of which the females and young produce a green light from the tail.

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