Meaning of GLOW in English


I. glow 1 /ɡləʊ $ ɡloʊ/ BrE AmE noun [singular]

1 . a soft steady light

glow from

the glow from the dying fire

glow of

the dim glow of the lightbulb

the warm glow of the setting sun

the green glow of the computer monitor

2 . the pink colour in your face or body that you have when you are healthy, have been doing exercise, or are excited:

She had a healthy glow in her cheeks.

3 . a glow of pleasure/satisfaction/happiness etc a strong feeling of pleasure etc:

Sophie felt a glow of pride.

II. glow 2 BrE AmE verb [intransitive]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: glowan ]

1 . to produce or ↑ reflect a soft steady light SYN shine :

The bedside lamp glowed dimly.

The fireplace was still glowing with the remains of last night’s fire.

The red tip of his cigarette was glowing in the dark.

2 . if your face or body glows, it is pink or hot because you are healthy, have been doing exercise, or are feeling a strong emotion

glow with

She looked exceptionally well, glowing with health.

3 . glow with pride/joy/pleasure etc to look very happy because you feel proud etc:

She gazed up at him, glowing with happiness.

4 . if something glows with a quality or colour, it is attractive and has strong colours

glow with

The interior of the house glowed with colour, warmth, and life.

• • •


■ to produce light

▪ shine to produce bright light:

The sun was shining.

▪ flash to shine brightly for a very short time, or to shine on and off very quickly many times:

Lightning flashed across the sky.


The police car’s lights were flashing.

▪ glare to shine with a very strong light which hurts your eyes:

The sun glared in her eyes.

▪ flicker to shine with an unsteady light – used about a flame or light:

The candle flickered and went out.

▪ twinkle if stars or lights twinkle, they shine in the dark in a way that seems to change from bright to faint, especially because you are a long way away from them:

stars twinkling in the sky


The harbour lights twinkled in the distance.

▪ glow especially literary to shine with a warm soft light:

Lights glowed in the windows.

▪ blaze literary to shine very brightly:

The lights of the factory were still blazing.

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