Meaning of GLOW in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)


A ~ is a dull, steady light, for example the light produced by a fire when there are no flames.

...the cigarette’s red ~...

The rising sun casts a golden ~ over the fields.

N-COUNT: usu sing


A ~ is a pink colour on a person’s face, usually because they are healthy or have been exercising.

The moisturiser gave my face a healthy ~ that lasted all day.

N-SING: usu a N


If you feel a ~ of satisfaction or achievement, you have a strong feeling of pleasure because of something that you have done or that has happened.

Exercise will give you a ~ of satisfaction at having achieved something...

He felt a ~ of pride in what she had accomplished.

N-SING: oft N of n


If something ~s, it produces a dull, steady light.

The night lantern ~ed softly in the darkness...

Even the mantel above the fire ~ed white.

VERB: V, V adj


If a place ~s with a colour or a quality, it is bright, attractive, and colourful.

Used together these colours will make your interiors ~ with warmth and vitality.

...carved wood bathed in ~ing colors and gold leaf.

VERB: V with n, V-ing, also V


If something ~s, it looks bright because it is reflecting light.

The instruments ~ed in the bright orange light...

The fall foliage ~ed red and yellow in the morning sunlight.

VERB: V, V adj


If someone’s skin ~s, it looks pink because they are healthy or excited, or have been doing physical exercise.

Her freckled skin ~ed with health again.

...a ~ing complexion.

VERB: V with n, V-ing, also V


If someone ~s with an emotion such as pride or pleasure, the expression on their face shows how they feel.

The expectant mothers that Amy had encountered positively ~ed with pride.

VERB: V with n


see also ~ing

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