Meaning of GLOW in English


/ gləʊ; NAmE gloʊ/ verb , noun

■ verb


( especially of sth hot or warm ) to produce a dull, steady light :

[ v ]

The embers still glowed in the hearth.

The strap has a fluorescent coating that glows in the dark .

[ v - adj ]

A cigarette end glowed red in the darkness.

➡ note at shine


[ v ] glow (with sth) ( of a person's body or face ) to look or feel warm or pink, especially after exercise or because of excitement, embarrassment, etc. :

Her cheeks were glowing.

His face glowed with embarrassment.


[ v ] glow (with sth) to look very pleased or satisfied :

She was positively glowing with pride.

He gave her a warm glowing smile.


glow (with sth) to appear a strong, warm colour :

[ v ]

The countryside glowed with autumn colours.

[ v - adj ]

The brick walls glowed red in the late afternoon sun.

■ noun [ sing. ]


a dull steady light, especially from a fire that has stopped producing flames :

The city was just a red glow on the horizon.

There was no light except for the occasional glow of a cigarette.


the pink colour in your face when you have been doing exercise or feel happy and excited :

The fresh air had brought a healthy glow to her cheeks.


a gold or red colour :

the glow of autumn leaves


a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction :

When she looked at her children, she felt a glow of pride.



Old English glōwan , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gloeien and German glühen .

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