Meaning of GLOW in English


I. ˈglō verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English glowen, from Old English glōwan; akin to Old High German gluoen to glow, Old Norse glōa to glow, Old English geolu yellow, and perhaps to Greek chloos green, light green, light green color — more at yellow

intransitive verb



(1) : to be or become hot to the point of radiating a suffused often slowly and unevenly pulsating light and an intense flameless heat : become heated to red heat or white heat : be or become incandescent

heated the metal until it glowed

coals still glowing in the fireplace

(2) : to shine with a suffused radiance as if intensely heated : emit or become lit up with an incandescent light : gleam in a suffused manner

gaily lighted houses glowed in the dark

her eyes glowed with pleasure

saw the harbor lights glowing in the distance


(1) : to have a rich warm suffused coloration typically reddish in hue or touched by reddish highlights

his troubled face glowing in the firelight — Guy McCrone

paintings that glowed with color

the leaves of the maple trees glowed red and yellow in the sunlight — J.P.Marquand

(2) : to have a radiant warm typically ruddy coloration of the kind associated with youthfulness and physical well-being

cheeks glowing with health

(3) : to have a markedly heightened reddish coloration (as that arising from strong emotion or embarrassment) : flush , blush

she was filled with excitement and her face glowed



(1) : to experience a sensation of tingling pervasive warmth

rubbed themselves with Turkish towels until they glowed all over

a drink that makes the whole body glow

(2) : to experience a sensation as if of intense heat : burn with emotion or passion

glowing with rage and resentment

glowing with fervor

b. : to be full of or show exuberance, elation, joyous good spirits

glowing with maternal pride — Carleton Beals

: be buoyant and vibrantly alive

every page of the book glows with good humor

transitive verb

obsolete : to cause to glow

fans whose wind did seem to glow the delicate cheeks which they did cool — Shakespeare

Synonyms: see blaze

II. noun

( -s )

1. : the quality or state of having a glowing coloration

the rich glow of the mahogany table

the bright glow in her cheeks



(1) : considerable warmth of feeling or intensity of emotion or passion

the glow of new love

(2) : tingling pervasive warmth or a sensation of such warmth

a glow of happiness

walked away satisfied and all in a glow

they started pouring the stuff down steadily, feeling the warm glow rising inside — D.M.Davin

b. : a feeling or outward display of exuberance, elation, joyous good spirits

the good news left them with a glow in their hearts

there was no mistaking the happy glow on his face

the glow of success


a. : the state of glowing with heat and light

the glow of dying embers

: incandescence ; specifically : a relatively faint luminosity due to luminescence

the cathode glow in a Crookes tube

— compare afterglow 2

b. : glowing radiance : suffused gleaming

happy to see the glow in her eyes

the glow of the lighted Christmas tree

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