Meaning of STEER in English


(DIRECT) [verb] - to control the direction of (a vehicle)Our garage door isn't very wide and it's quite difficult to steer the car through it. [T]Jenny is learning to ride a bike, but she isn't very good at steering it. [T]When their grandfather took the children out in a boat, they were thrilled at being allowed to steer. [I]My car isn't steering very well (= the part that controls the steering is not working properly) on bends at the moment. [I]Make sure you steer clear of (= control the direction taken so that you do not hit) the rocks. [I](figurative) They warned their children to steer clear of (= keep away from) drugs. [I](figurative) Her speech steered clear of (= avoided) controversial issues. [I]If a vehicle steers, it follows a particular route or direction.The ship passed Land's End, then steered towards southern Ireland. [I]Racing yachts steer a difficult course to make the most of wind and water currents. [T](figurative) It will be difficult to steer (= follow) a middle course between the competing claims of the two sides in the conflict. [T]To steer someone or something is also to take them, or cause them to go, in the direction in which you want them to go.She steered her guests into the dining room.He successfully steered the company onto a new course.The most important piece of legislation that the new government will have to steer through parliament is tax reform.The police are constantly searching for new ways of steering young people away from a life of crime.I'd like to steer our discussion back to our original topic.The main task of the new government will be to steer the country towards democracy.The steering column in a vehicle is the part to which the wheel is fixed that you turn in order to make the vehicle go in a particular direction.My car has an adjustable steering column.A steering committee is a group of people chosen to direct the way something is dealt with.The steering committee is/are meeting tomorrow.The ambassador will serve as the US representative on the steering committee for peace talks.A steering wheel is a wheel in a vehicle which the driver turns in order to make the vehicle go in a particular direction.See picture: Car interior

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