Meaning of STEER in English


steer 1

— steerable , adj. — steerability , n.

/stear/ , v.t.

1. to guide the course of (something in motion) by a rudder, helm, wheel, etc.: to steer a bicycle.

2. to follow or pursue (a particular course).

3. to direct the course of; guide: I can steer you to the best restaurant in town.


4. to direct the course of a vessel, vehicle, airplane, or the like, by the use of a rudder or other means.

5. to pursue a course of action.

6. (of a vessel, vehicle, airplane, etc.) to be steered or guided in a particular direction or manner.

7. steer clear of , to stay away from purposely; avoid: She steered clear of any deep emotional involvements.


8. Informal. a suggestion about a course of action; tip: He got a good steer about finding the right job.

[ bef. 900; ME steren, OE steoran, akin to steor steering, guidance; c. G steuern, ON styra, Goth stiurjan ]

steer 2

/stear/ , n. , pl. steers , ( esp. collectively ) steer .

a male bovine that is castrated before sexual maturity, esp. one raised for beef.

[ bef. 900; ME; OE steor; c. D, G Stier, ON stjorr, Goth stiur ]

steer 3

/stear/ , v.t., v.i., n. Brit. Dial.

stir 1 .

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