Meaning of STEER in English


/ stɪə(r); NAmE stɪr/ verb , noun

■ verb


to control the direction in which a boat, car, etc. moves :

[ vn ]

He steered the boat into the harbour.

( figurative )

He took her arm and steered her towards the door.

[ v ]

You row and I'll steer.


( of a boat, car, etc. ) to move in a particular direction :

[ vn ]

The ship steered a course between the islands.

[ v ]

The ship steered into port.


[ vn + adv. / prep. ] to take control of a situation and influence the way in which it develops :

He managed to steer the conversation away from his divorce.

She steered the team to victory.

The skill is in steering a middle course between the two extremes.


see clear adverb

■ noun

a bull (= a male cow) that has been castrated (= had part of its sex organs removed), kept for its meat

—compare bullock , ox



verb Old English stīeran , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch sturen and German steuern .

noun Old English stēor , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stier and German Stier .

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