Meaning of STEER in English


I. verb


a steering committee (= one that directs a particular activity )

power steering

Most new cars now have power steering.

power-assisted steering

steer a boat

He steered the boat carefully to the shore.

steer a middle course

I try to steer a middle course between keeping control of the project and giving responsibility to others.

steering committee

steering wheel




Throughout the world, people are steering away from history.

After Philip, I decided to steer away from accountants, word processors, and other office workers.

As Erica Macdonald admits, it did not take much to make the girls steer away .

In other words, the annual moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator and steers away from winter.


There are plenty of similar products, but steer clear of Go!


He would have steered well clear of the wilder shores of analytic enquiry.



Although a little apprehensive at first of steering such a large boat , we settled into it remarkably quickly.

After all, those who steer the boat have far more power over its destination than those who row it.

They often helped by leading the horse, setting the locks or steering the boat .

I steered the boat , Herbert and Startop rowed.


My driver, conscious of the danger, steered the car into a ditch.

I steered the car up the on-ramp back on to the freeway.

The accused got into the driver's seat, released the handbrake, and steered the car downhill for 200 yards.

Other sensors will correct steering to keep your car within its lane.


Whenever this happens, the onus is on you to control the call and steer the conversation to a successful conclusion.

Gordon finally roused himself and tried to steer the conversation toward shallower waters.

Charles consumed most of the Valpolicella and tried to steer the conversation away from anything to do with Marius Steen.

Maybe he was just trying to steer the conversation away from Theresa.

Over breakfast Rain would steer the conversation around to asking Tim what he was arguing about with Sabine Jourdain.

Then we were supposed to steer the conversation to a safer topic.

Tonight, however, she was keen to steer the conversation round to the subject of Hugh Puddephat.


Suddenly he asks the helmsman what course is being steered .

He immediately queried the instructions and eventually they gave him a new course to steer .


In contrast, governments that put steering and rowing within the same organization limit themselves to relatively narrow strategies.

When governments abdicate this steering responsibility, disaster often follows.

It worked in a few places, but most governments abdicated their steering responsibilities.


I drove home slowly, the sun on my hand on the steering wheel.

He was starting to feel nervous; his hands stroked the steering wheel.

Taking her hand , Roman steered her to a right-hand fork and she stumbled after him.

In fact, a firm hand might have steered the team on the rocks.

He let out a howl, and his hands flew off the steering wheel.

With one hand on the hot steering wheel, you reach forward to insert the key in the ignition.


The power steering on your vehicles should allow the wheel to be turned easily by one hand.

The little Peugeot has all mod cons with power steering and an air bag.

The power steering pump is giving me problems.

The Clio 16V and RSi are also fitted with power assisted steering as standard.


Sometimes he is the mariner, steering the ship of state through storm-tossed seas.

He was prepared to stand watch and steer the ship for forty or fifty days or however long was necessary.


The nose wheel is steered conventionally through the rudder pedals from both sides.

Sometimes during the mate's watch I took the wheel and learnt to steer .

There was a low deckhouse amidships with an upper wheel and emergency tiller steering from a small cockpit aft.



The Clio 16V and RSi are also fitted with power assisted steering as standard.


Forgiveness helps you steer round the obstacles, to grow more together.

In the truck he sat on my lap, helping me steer .

It can help us to steer a steady course through life.


The Doctor said it was a miracle that the pilot had managed to steer the plane down at all.

As governments embrace a more catalytic role, they are often forced to develop new organizations to manage the steering role.

Mr Lee grabbed his father by the arm and managed to steer him back on to the sidewalk.


So there's another guy trying to steer with a big, heavy sweep oar.

Still, she thought she would try to steer him away from bacon and toward yogurt.

Each time you should apply side-strain and try to steer him away from them.

Gordon finally roused himself and tried to steer the conversation toward shallower waters.

He would cling on to the craft and try to steer it.

Maybe he was just trying to steer the conversation away from Theresa.

I tried to steer clear of them.

The best practice is to try steering a controlled wiggly course using your weight.


keep/stay/steer clear (of sb/sth)

Answer Steer clear of these subjects.

Even if Ranieri had secured a change in the law, however, investors would have stayed clear of mortgage bonds.

He had stayed clear of the subject of religion since Christmas.

Pittman advises steering clear of any influence that puts our own happiness first.

The Profitboss steers clear of such indulgence, for in the end everyone pays dearly for the privilege of the few.

The starters have learned to steer clear of her.

Unless your home is totally dilapidated, steer clear of a complete redecoration prior to selling: it will arouse suspicion.


Steer slightly to the right as you enter the bend.

Even the children had a go at steering the boat.

Floyd was going to be too drunk to steer the boat.

You can adjust the height of the steering wheel.


However, I began to steer clear of such stories.

She must steer clear of Matthew and then perhaps this ridiculous infatuation would wear off.

The nose wheel is steered conventionally through the rudder pedals from both sides.

II. noun


Meanwhile, the tankers did neutral steers and were just blasting with their guns.

That said, it's free from torque steer and is very accurate.

The farmer may castrate the excess bulls, creating steers, or slaughter them.

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