Meaning of STEER in English


[steer] n [ME, fr. OE steor young ox; akin to OHG stior young ox] (bef. 12c) 1: a male bovine animal castrated before sexual maturity--compare stag 3

2: an ox less than four years old

[2]steer vb [ME steren, fr. OE stieran; akin to OE steor- steering oar, Gk stauros stake, cross, stylos pillar, Skt sthavira, sthura stout, thick] vt (12c) 1: to control the course of: direct; esp: to guide by mechanical means (as a rudder)

2: to set and hold to (a course) ~ vi 1: to direct the course (as of a ship or automobile)

2: to pursue a course of action

3: to be subject to guidance or direction "an automobile that ~s well" syn see guide -- adj -- n -- steer clear : to keep entirely away--often used with of "trying to steer clear of controversy" [3]steer n (1894): a hint as to procedure: tip [4]steer dial Brit var of stir

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