Meaning of STEER in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ stɪə(r) ]

( steers, steering, steered)


When you steer a car, boat, or plane, you control it so that it goes in the direction that you want.

What is it like to steer a ship this size?...

When I was a kid, about six or seven, she would often let me steer the car along our driveway.

VERB : V n , V n prep


If you steer people towards a particular course of action or attitude, you try to lead them gently in that direction.

The new government is seen as one that will steer the country in the right direction...

VERB : V n prep


If you steer someone in a particular direction, you guide them there.

Nick steered them into the nearest seats.

= guide

VERB : V n prep


If you steer a particular course , you take a particular line of action.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has sought to steer a course between the two groups...

VERB : V n prep


see also steering


If you steer clear of someone or something, you deliberately avoid them.

I think a lot of people, women in particular, steer clear of these sensitive issues.

PHRASE : V inflects

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