Meaning of FIRM in English


I. adjective


Synonyms: fast 4, fixed, secure, set, tenacious, tight


Synonyms: stable 4, secure, solid, sound


having a texture or consistency that resists deformation by external force

firm flesh

Synonyms: hard, solid

Related Word: close, compact, dense, thick; inelastic, inflexible, rigid, stiff, unyielding; sturdy, substantial, tough

Contrasted words: flaccid, flimsy, floppy, limp, loose, slack, sleazy, soft, squishy

Antonyms: flabby


that has been established and is not usually subject to change

a firm price

Synonyms: certain, fixed, set, settled, stated, stipulated

Related Word: established, going, prevailing; consistent, stable, steady, unwavering; definite, exact, explicit, specific, undeviating; flat

Contrasted words: changeable, fluctuating, shaky, shifting, unsteady, variable


Synonyms: sure 1, fast, secure, stable, staunch, strong


Synonyms: sure 2, abiding, enduring, fixed, never-failing, steadfast, steady, unfaltering, unqualified, unwavering

II. adverb

Synonyms: hard 7, fast, firmly, fixedly, solidly, steadfastly, tight, tightly

III. noun

Synonyms: enterprise 3, business, company, concern, establishment, house, outfit

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