Meaning of FIRM in English


firm 1

— firmly , adv. — firmness , n.

/ferrm/ , adj., firmer, firmest , v., adv., firmer, firmest .


1. not soft or yielding when pressed; comparatively solid, hard, stiff, or rigid: firm ground; firm texture.

2. securely fixed in place.

3. not shaking or trembling; steady: a firm voice.

4. not likely to change; fixed; settled; unalterable: a firm belief.

5. steadfast or unwavering, as persons or principles: firm friends.

6. indicating firmness or determination: a firm expression.

7. not fluctuating much or falling, as prices, values, etc.: The stock market was firm today.


8. to make firm; tighten or strengthen (sometimes fol. by up ): to firm up one's hold on something.

9. to steady or fix (sometimes fol. by up ): to firm up prices.


10. to become firm or fixed (sometimes fol. by up ): Butter firms by churning.

11. (of prices, markets, etc.) to recover; become stronger, as after a decline (sometimes fol. by up ): Stock prices firmed again today.


12. firmly: He stood firm.

[ 1300-50; firmus; r. ME ferm ]

Syn. 1. FIRM, HARD, SOLID, STIFF are applied to substances that tend to retain their form unaltered in spite of pressure or force. FIRM often implies that something has been brought from a yielding state to a fixed or elastic one: An increased amount of pectin makes jellies firm. HARD is applied to substances so resistant that it is difficult to make any impression upon their surface or to penetrate their interior: as hard as a stone.

SOLID is applied to substances that without external support retain their form and resist pressure: Water in the form of ice is solid. It sometimes denotes the opposite of hollow: a solid block of marble. STIFF implies rigidity that resists a bending force: as stiff as a poker. 2. fast, stable, immovable. 4. established, confirmed. 5. determined, immovable, staunch, reliable.

Ant. 1. yielding, soft.

firm 2

/ferrm/ , n.

1. a partnership or association for carrying on a business.

2. the name or title under which associated parties transact business: the firm of Smith & Jones.

[ 1565-75; firma signature (hence, legal name of a partnership, etc.), n. deriv. firmar to sign firmare to strengthen, confirm, deriv. of firmus FIRM 1 ]

Syn. 1. company, business, concern, house.

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