Meaning of FIRM in English


~ 1

■ adjective

1》 having an unyielding surface or structure.

2》 solidly in place and stable.

3》 having steady power or strength: a ~ grip.

↘unlikely to change; enduring.

4》 showing strength of character; resolute.

5》 (of a currency, shares, etc.) having a steady value or price which is more likely to rise than fall.

■ verb

1》 make stable or unyielding.

2》 (often ~ something up ) make (an agreement or plan) explicit and definite.

3》 (of a price) rise to reach a level considered secure.

■ adverb in a resolute and determined manner.


be on ~ ground be sure of one's facts or secure in one's position.

a ~ hand strict discipline or control.


~ly adverb

~ness noun


ME: from OFr. ferme , from L. ~us .


~ 2

■ noun

1》 a company or business partnership.

2》 a group of hospital doctors working as a team.


C16 (orig. denoting a signature, later the name under which a ~'s business was transacted): from Sp. and Ital. ~a , based on L. ~are 'fix, settle' (in late L. 'con~ by signature'), from ~us '~'; cf. farm .

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