Meaning of FIRM in English


adj. 1 compact, solid, dense, compressed, condensed, concentrated, rigid, stiff, hard, unyielding, inflexible, inelastic I prefer a firm mattress 2 stable, fixed, fast, secure, steady, solid, stationary, anchored, moored, unmovable, immovable This pole is firmer than that one 3 steady, strong, sturdy, tight, unwavering, unshakable or unshakeable, unswerving What we need is a firm hand at the controls 4 resolute, determined, dogged, definite, resolved, positive, decisive, decided, set on or upon, steadfast, constant, unflinching, staunch, unshaken, unshakeable or unshakable, immovable, inflexible, rigid, unwavering, undeviating, unchanging, unchangeable, obstinate, obdurate, stubborn, strict, unyielding, unbending, unalterable Father was firm about my not staying out past midnight

v. 5 Often firm up. consolidate, establish, settle (down), solidify, resolve, determine, set up We firmed up the terms of the contract Sugar prices firmed today.

n. 6 company, organization, corporation, limited company, public limited company, plc, partnership, proprietorship, business, enterprise, concern, house, conglomerate, multinational (company), cartel, Colloq outfit; US jargon CIA, Central Intelligence Agency He works for a firm in the City

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