Meaning of ROUND in English

n. 25B6; adjective

a round window : CIRCULAR, disc-shaped, ring-shaped, hoop-shaped; spherical, spheroidal, globular, globe-shaped, orb-shaped; cylindrical; bulbous, rounded, rotund; technical annular, discoid, discoidal; poetic/literary orbicular.

a short, round man : PLUMP, chubby, fat, stout, rotund, portly, dumpy, chunky, overweight, pot-bellied, paunchy; flabby, corpulent, fleshy, bulky, obese; informal tubby, roly-poly, pudgy, beefy, porky, blubbery; Brit. informal podgy; N. Amer. informal zaftig, corn-fed.

his deep, round voice : SONOROUS, resonant, rich, full, mellow, mellifluous, orotund.

a round dozen : COMPLETE, entire, whole, full.

she berated him in round terms : CANDID, frank, direct, honest, truthful, straightforward, plain, blunt, forthright, bald, explicit, unequivocal.

thin, reedy.

25B6; noun

mould the dough into rounds : BALL, sphere, globe, orb, circle, disc, ring, hoop; technical annulus.

a policeman on his rounds : CIRCUIT, beat, route, tour.

the first round of the contest : STAGE, level; heat, game, bout, contest.

an endless round of parties : SUCCESSION, sequence, series, cycle.

the gun fires thirty rounds a second : BULLET, cartridge, shell, shot.

25B6; preposition & adverb

the alleys round the station : AROUND, about, encircling; near, in the vicinity of; orbiting.

casinos dotted round France : THROUGHOUT, all over, here and there in.

25B6; verb the ship rounded the point : GO ROUND, travel round, skirt, circumnavigate, orbit.

25A0; round about APPROXIMATELY, about, around, circa, roughly, of the order of, something like, more or less, as near as dammit to, close to, near to, practically; or so, or thereabouts, give or take a few; not far off, nearly, almost, approaching; Brit. getting on for.

25A0; round the bend (informal) . See mad sense 1.

25A0; round the clock

we're working round the clock : DAY AND NIGHT, night and day, all the time, {morning, noon, and night}, continuously, non-stop, steadily, unremittingly; informal 24-7.

round-the-clock supervision : CONTINUOUS, constant, non-stop, continual, uninterrupted.

25A0; round something off

the square edges were rounded off : SMOOTH OFF, plane off, sand off, level off.

the party rounded off a successful year : COMPLETE, finish off, crown, cap, top; conclude, close, end.

25A0; round on someone SNAP AT, attack, turn on, weigh into, let fly at, lash out at, hit out at; informal bite someone's head off, jump down someone's throat, lay into, tear into; Brit. informal have a go at; N. Amer. informal light into.

25A0; round someone/something up GATHER TOGETHER, herd together, muster, marshal, rally, assemble, collect, group; N. Amer. corral.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.