Meaning of ROUND in English

adj. 1 circular; disc-shaped, discoid, disc-like I prefer a round table to a square one She made a round motion to demonstrate the shape. 2 ring-shaped, annular, hoop-shaped, hoop-like The track is oval, not round 3 spherical, ball-shaped, ball-like, globular, spheroid, spheroidal, globe-shaped, globelike, globate, orb-shaped, orb-like, orbicular You will never convince me that the earth is round - I know what I see 4 curved, curvilinear, rounded, arched The round chisel is used to cut these grooves 5 exact, precise, complete, entire, full That makes a round hundred times you have asked me the same question 6 approximate, rough, rounded (off or up or down), whole In round numbers, that makes 40 per cent For and 60 per cent Against 7 rounded, mellow, full, vibrant, reverberant, reverberating, sonorous, rich, mellifluous, orotund, pear-shaped Couldn't you listen forever to those beautiful round tones sung by Fischer-Dieskau? 8 plain, honest, straightforward, direct, unvarnished, unembellished, unelaborated, outspoken, candid, truthful, frank, open, blunt, Colloq upfront They delivered what they had to say in round, assertive statements 9 Chiefly Brit return We made the round trip to Bristol in less than three hours

n. 10 circle, disc; ring, hoop, annulus; ball, sphere, globe, orb, bead The moulding has a repeated pattern of a round alternating with three vertical grooves 11 cycle, series, sequence, succession, bout, spell The current round of talks on the economy is expected to last for three days There was the usual round of parties on New Year's Eve. 12 Often, rounds. beat, route, routine, circuit, course, tour, turn, ambit The milkman still makes his daily rounds in England 13 heat, stage, level, turn After each round in the tournament, the losers are eliminated, reducing the competitors by half 14 spell, period, run, spate, bout, outburst, burst, volley Each new acrobat who added to the human pyramid got a round of applause 15 bullet, cartridge, charge, shell, (single) shot Each man was given only ten rounds of ammunition

v. 16 turn, go (a)round The car rounded the corner on two wheels 17 orbit, circumnavigate, go (a)round, circle, encircle He rounded the earth in the fastest recorded time 18 round off or out. complete, close, end, bring to an end or completion or a close, finish Tim suggested we round off the evening with a rubber of bridge 19 round up. gather, assemble, muster, draw or pull or get together, collect, herd, marshal, US and Canadian (of cattle or horses) corral, wrangle The police are rounding up witnesses who might have seen the shooting More than 10,000 head of cattle have been rounded up for the drive.

prep. 20 about, around, encircling, enclosing; orbiting The fence round the site ought to keep out the curious The new bypass round town ought to reduce local traffic. 21 here and there in, about, around, throughout, all over, everywhere in Dad used to smoke and kept dozens of ash trays round the house 22 about, around, nearby, in the neighbourhood or vicinity or (general) area of Whenever I want to see you alone, there are always people round you Just look round you if you don't believe me.

adv. 23 around, about, in a circle or ring, on all sides Gather round and I'll tell you a story Pass the hat round for Harry's farewell party. 24 from beginning to end, from start to finish, through He now lives in France the year round 25 in perimeter or periphery, around The indoor track is exactly one fifth of a mile round 26 about, around, in the neighbourhood or vicinity or (general) area There isn't a soul for miles round 27 around, in a circle or circuit, in or by a circular or circuitous route or path, circuitously This road goes round to the other side of the lake

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