Meaning of ROUND in English


I. adjective see: rotund Date: 14th century 1. a. having every part of the surface or circumference equidistant from the center, cylindrical , approximately ~ , well filled out ; plump , shapely , 3. complete , full , approximately correct, substantial in amount ; ample , direct in utterance ; outspoken , moving in or forming a circle, 6. brought to completion or perfection ; finished , presented with lifelike fullness or vividness, delivered with a swing of the arm , 8. having full or unimpeded resonance or tone ; sonorous , pronounced with ~ed lips ; labialized, of or relating to handwriting predominantly curved rather than angular, ~ness noun II. adverb Date: 14th century a~ , III. noun Date: 14th century 1. something (as a circle, globe, or ring) that is ~, b. a knot of people, a circle of things, ~ dance 1, a musical canon in which each part begins on the same note and is continuously repeated, 4. a rung of a ladder or a chair, a ~ed molding, 5. a circling or circuitous path or course, motion in a circle or a curving path, 6. a route or circuit habitually covered (as by a security guard or police officer), a series of similar or customary calls or stops , a drink of liquor apiece served at one time to each person in a group , a sequence of recurring routine or repetitive actions or events , a period of time that recurs in a fixed pattern , 10. one shot fired by a weapon or by each man in a military unit, a unit of ammunition consisting of the parts necessary to fire one shot, 11. a unit of action in a contest or game which comprises a stated period, covers a prescribed distance, includes a specified number of plays, or gives each player one turn, a division of a tournament in which each contestant plays an opponent, a prolonged burst (as of applause), 13. a cut of meat (as beef) especially between the rump and the lower leg, a slice of food , a ~ed or curved part, IV. verb Date: 14th century transitive verb 1. to make ~, b. to make (the lips) ~ and protruded (as in the pronunciation of \\ü\\), to pronounce with lip ~ing ; labialize , 2. go a~ , to pass part of the way a~, encircle , encompass , to bring to completion or perfection, to express as a ~ number, intransitive verb 1. to become ~, plump, or shapely, to reach fullness or completion, to follow a winding course ; bend , V. preposition Date: 1602 a~ , all during ; throughout , VI. transitive verb see: rune Date: circa 1529 whisper , to speak to in a whisper

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