Meaning of ROUND in English


1. shaped like a ball

2. shaped like a circle

3. an object shaped like a ball

4. with curved or slightly round sides

5. shaped like a tube


around something or moving around something : ↑ AROUND/ROUND

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1. shaped like a ball

▷ round /raʊnd/ [adjective]

▪ The recipe calls for large round tomatoes.

▪ His bald round head reminded her of Sam.

▪ European watermelons are much rounder than the American variety.

▪ His stomach was big and round from drinking too much beer.

▷ spherical /ˈsferɪk ə l/ [adjective]

shaped like a ball - use this in technical contexts :

▪ Edam cheeses are small and spherical in shape.

▪ The earth is not quite spherical, because it is slightly flat at the poles.

▪ La Geode, in Paris, is a unique spherical building with a cinema inside.

2. shaped like a circle

▷ round /raʊnd/ [adjective]

▪ Violet stared at him with huge round eyes.

▪ In the kitchen there was a round table with a vase of flowers on it.

▪ She drew a round yellow sun in the center of the picture.

▷ circular /ˈsɜːʳkɑləʳ/ [adjective]

shaped exactly like a circle :

▪ The cattle are kept in a large circular enclosure.

▪ The planets follow almost circular orbits around the sun.

▪ The Villa Madama has a circular courtyard with rooms leading off it in all directions.

▷ oval /ˈəʊv ə l/ [adjective]

shaped like a circle with slightly flat sides :

▪ The portrait hung in an oval frame on the wall.

▪ Some of the tables are oval in shape and some are round.

3. an object shaped like a ball

▷ ball /bɔːl/ [countable noun]

▪ Shape the cookie dough into balls and put them in the refrigerator.

▪ When hedgehogs are in danger, they curl their bodies into tight balls.

ball of

▪ The kitten was playing with a ball of yarn.

▪ Comets are balls of ice and dirt that circle the sun.

▷ sphere /sfɪəʳ/ [countable noun]

shaped like a ball - use this in technical contexts :

▪ At the top of each column is a perfect sphere of white marble.

▪ The volume of a sphere is equal to twice the square of its radius, multiplied by pi.

▷ globe /gləʊb/ [countable noun]

a ball-shaped object, especially one that is used for decoration :

▪ For the occasion the town square was lit up by coloured globes strung together.

▪ The stuffed birds had been encased in glass globes.

4. with curved or slightly round sides

▷ curved /kɜːʳvd/ [adjective]

neither straight nor completely round :

▪ The entrance is formed by two curved rows of large stones.

▪ The bird uses its long curved bill to dig out worms and small insects.

▪ Shaving mirrors are slightly curved in order to magnify the image.

▷ rounded /ˈraʊndɪd, ˈraʊndəd/ [adjective]

a rounded surface does not have any sharp edges or points :

▪ The knife had a rounded wooden handle.

▪ Her nails were perfectly rounded and painted with delicate pink nail-polish.

▪ The blocks have rounded edges that are safer for small children.

5. shaped like a tube

▷ tubular /ˈtjuːbjɑləʳǁˈtuː-/ [adjective] formal

a tubular object is hollow and shaped like a tube :

▪ Inside a bicycle tire is a long tubular piece of rubber.

▪ It was a shaky little card table with legs of tubular metal.

▪ The Renaissance Center is a huge tubular steel and glass shopping mall.

▷ cylindrical /sɪˈlɪndrɪk ə l, səˈlɪndrɪk ə l/ [adjective]

a cylindrical object has straight sides and flat round ends :

▪ The cylindrical glass jars are used for keeping spaghetti in.

▪ Roll the bread dough into a cylindrical shape.

▪ a cylindrical marble column

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