Meaning of APPROACH in English


[noun]The siren signalled the approach of an ambulance (= that it was getting nearer). [U]Some shops have doors which open by themselves at the approach of a customer. [U]Many kinds of birds fly south at the approach of winter (= as winter gets nearer). [U]Please fasten your seat belts, the plane is now making its final approach (in)to (= is coming near to and preparing to land at) Heathrow. [C]We got stuck in a traffic jam on the approach road.An approach is also an act of communicating with another person or group.The hospital is making approaches to local businesses (= asking them to help) in their bid to raise money.I hear that Everton have made an approach to (= an attempt to make a business arrangement with) Arsenal to buy one of their players.She rejected the family's approaches (= attempts to communicate with her).The closest approach to means the nearest (thing) to.That was the closest approach to an apology that you'll ever get!This is the closest approach to warm that (= This is as warm as) this house ever gets!

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