Meaning of APPROACH in English

v. & n.


1. tr. come near or nearer to (a place or time).

2 intr. come near or nearer in space or time (the hour approaches).

3 tr. make a tentative proposal or suggestion to (approached me about a loan).

4 tr. a be similar in character, quality, etc., to (doesn't approach her for artistic skill). b approximate to (a population approaching 5 million).

5 tr. attempt to influence or bribe.

6 tr. set about (a task etc.).

7 intr. Golf play an approach shot.

8 intr. Aeron. prepare to land.

9 tr. archaic bring near.


1. an act or means of approaching (made an approach; an approach lined with trees).

2 an approximation (an approach to an apology).

3 a way of dealing with a person or thing (needs a new approach).

4 (usu. in pl.) a sexual advance.

5 Golf a stroke from the fairway to the green.

6 Aeron. the final part of a flight before landing.

7 Bridge a bidding method with a gradual advance to a final contract.

Phrases and idioms:

approach road Brit. a road by which traffic enters a motorway.

Etymology: ME f. OF aproch(i)er f. eccl.L appropiare draw near (as AD-, propius compar. of prope near)

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