Meaning of APPROACH in English



Pronunciation: ə - ' pr ō ch

Function: verb

Etymology: Middle English approchen, from Anglo-French aprocher, from Late Latin appropiare, from Latin ad- + prope near; akin to Latin pro before ― more at FOR

Date: 13th century

transitive verb

1 a : to draw closer to : NEAR < approach a destination> b : to come very near to : be almost the same as <its mathematics approach es mysticism ― Theodore Sturgeon> <as the quantity x approach es zero>

2 a : to make advances to especially in order to create a desired result <was approach ed by several Broadway producers> b : to take preliminary steps toward accomplishment or full knowledge or experience of < approach the subject with an open mind>

intransitive verb

1 : to draw nearer <the time is fast approach ing >

2 : to make an approach in golf

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