Meaning of APPROACH in English


I. əˈprōch verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Etymology: Middle English approchen, aprochen, from Old French aprochier, from Late Latin appropiare, from Latin ad- + Late Latin -propiare (from Latin prope near); akin to Latin pro before, for — more at for

transitive verb


a. : to come or go near or nearer to in place or time : draw nearer to

we approached the city

approach the hour of departure with dread

b. : to come or go near or nearer to in character or quality

approach manhood

a performance that approaches perfection

or quantity

an error that approaches zero as a limit

2. : to bring near or nearer

he approached the drill to the work

3. : to address tentatively or make an overture to especially in order to create a desired point of view or result:

a. : to take preliminary steps toward accomplishment or full knowledge or experience of

approach a task

approach a problem

approach an author's works

b. : to begin discussion of

having discussed crime, they approached its elimination


(1) : to make advances to : solicit (as a prospective purchaser or contributor)

(2) : to attempt to bribe or influence

approach a member of the legislature

intransitive verb


a. : to come or go near or nearer in place or time : to draw nearer

the sound approached more rapidly

as daylight approaches

b. : to come or go near or nearer in character or quality

approach to or recede from a line

2. : to make a golfing approach

he spoils his game by approaching badly

Synonyms: see match

II. noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English approche, from approchen, v.


a. : a drawing near in space or time

the rapid approach of a tornado

the approach of summer

b. : a coming or being near in quality or character

the approach of dictatorship was foreshadowed by certain events

in this fine work he made his closest approach to true greatness


a. obsolete : ability to approach : opportunity of approaching

b. : a way of gaining access (as to the understanding of a subject)

this book provides a good approach to nuclear physics


a. approaches plural , obsolete : advances or maneuvers toward one


(1) : the taking of tentative or introductory steps for a particular purpose (as full accomplishment, discussion, acquaintance, or solicitation)

his method of approach to the subject repels most readers

new lines of approach

(2) : a particular manner of taking such steps

her approach was obviously friendly



(1) : a way, passage, or avenue by which a place or a building can be approached

the approach to the park

(2) approaches plural : the means of approaching an area

air approaches between the continental United States and outlying bases

b. approaches plural : means of approach (as zigzag trenches) prepared by besiegers in advancing toward fortifications

c. : an embankment, trestle, or other construction that provides access at either end of a bridge or tunnel

d. : a portion of railroad track along which a train passes before entering an area controlled by a signal

5. also approaching : approach graft


a. : a golfing stroke from the fairway for the green


(1) : the steps and motion of a bowler before he delivers the ball

(2) : the part of the alley in front of the foul line from which a bowler delivers the ball

7. : descent of an airplane toward a landing strip

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