Meaning of SUPPLY in English


[noun]These birds generally nest within 20 minutes' flying time of a steady food supply (= an amount of food available for use). [C]Whenever she goes out with her baby, she always takes a large supply of baby food with her. [C]There was an unlimited supply of drink at the party. [C]His doctor prescribed him a month's supply of the tablets (= enough to last for a month). [C]There is a possibility that using chemical fertilizers might pollute the region's water supply (= the water available for use). [C]In London, demand for cheap housing far outstrips supply (= what is provided). [U]We need a reliable source of supply of cheap raw materials. [U]Strawberries are in plentiful/short supply (= there are many/not many of them available) at the moment. [U]A supply ship (= one carrying goods, needed esp. by armed forces) has been sunk.The army's supply line (= the route it used for providing goods needed by the soldiers) has been cut by the enemy.Prices have been allowed to be determined by the forces of supply and demand (= the balance between the amount of goods available and the amount that people want to buy).(UK and ANZ) A supply teacher (US substitute (teacher)) is a teacher who replaces other teachers at different schools when they are absent from work.Does Ann Woodford still work as a supply teacher?

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