Meaning of SUPPLY in English


noun the act of supplying; supplial.

2. supply ·noun auxiliary troops or reenforcements.

3. supply ·vt to serve instead of; to take the place of.

4. supply ·noun that which supplies a want; sufficiency of things for use or want.

5. supply ·adj serving to contain, deliver, or regulate a supply of anything; as, a supply tank or valve.

6. supply ·vt to give; to bring or furnish; to provide; as, to supply money for the war.

7. supply ·noun a person who fills a place for a time; one who supplies the place of another; a substitute; ·esp., a clergyman who supplies a vacant pulpit.

8. supply ·noun an amount of money provided, as by parliament or congress, to meet the annual national expenditures; generally in the plural; as, to vote supplies.

9. supply ·vt to fill temporarily; to serve as substitute for another in, as a vacant place or office; to occupy; to have possession of; as, to supply a pulpit.

10. supply ·noun the food, and the like, which meets the daily necessities of an army or other large body of men; store;

— used chiefly in the plural; as, the army was discontented for lack of supplies.

11. supply ·vt to fill up, or keep full; to furnish with what is wanted; to afford, or furnish with, a sufficiency; as, rivers are supplied by smaller streams; an aqueduct supplies an artificial lake;

— often followed by with before the thing furnished; as, to supply a furnace with fuel; to supply soldiers with ammunition.

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