Meaning of SUPPLY in English


/ səˈplaɪ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] an amount of sth that is provided or available to be used :

The water supply is unsafe.

Supplies of food are almost exhausted.

We cannot guarantee adequate supplies of raw materials.

Books were in short supply (= there were not enough of them) .


supplies [ pl. ] the things such as food, medicines, fuel, etc. that are needed by a group of people, for example an army or expedition :

Our supplies were running out.

a transport plane carrying food and medical supplies for refugees


[ U ] the act of supplying sth :

The UN has agreed to allow the supply of emergency aid.

A stroke can disrupt the supply of oxygen to the brain.

The electricity supply (= the system supplying electricity) had been cut off.

■ verb

( sup·plies , sup·ply·ing , sup·plied , sup·plied ) [ vn ] supply sb/sth (with sth) | supply sth (to sb/sth) to provide sb/sth with sth that they need or want, especially in large quantities :

Foreign governments supplied arms to the rebels.

Foreign governments supplied the rebels with arms.

Local schools supply many of the volunteers.

foods supplying our daily vitamin needs



late Middle English : from Old French soupleer , from Latin supplere fill up, from sub- from below + plere fill. The early sense of the noun was assistance, relief (chiefly a Scots use).

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