Meaning of SUPPLY in English


I. noun


a firm supplies sth

The firm supplies office furniture to local businesses.

a food supply

The government must ensure an adequate food supply.

a gas supply (= a system for supplying gas to someone's house )

The engineers had quite a challenge to install the new gas supply.

a steady supply

They need a steady supply of educated workers.

contaminated food/blood/water supplies etc

The infection was traced to contaminated food.

energy supplies

We must secure the country’s future energy supplies.

We are in danger of exhausting the world’s oil supply .

inexhaustible supply

She has an inexhaustible supply of funny stories.

law of supply and demand

the law of supply and demand

money supply

his policy of controlling the money supply and cutting public spending

provide/supply details

Hotels that join the scheme provide details of their accommodation and facilities.

provide/supply electricity (= produce electricity and make it available to people )

The dam will provide water and electricity for 30 million people.

provide/supply equipment

a contract to supply drilling equipment to the mine

provide/supply instructions (= give someone instructions )

Detailed instructions are supplied with the software.

ready supply

a ready supply of drink

relief supplies/aid

US troops had helped distribute relief supplies to Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq.

supply and demand

the law of supply and demand

supply goods

On 3 September he supplied goods to the hotel valued at £350.00.

supply line

the threat to supply lines

supply lines (= the direction used for carrying supplies of food etc )

They knew they needed to block their enemy’s supply lines .

supply outstrips/exceeds demand (= more is available than people need or want )

In the 1980s, the supply of grain far exceeded the demand.

supply teacher

supply/provide energy

The wind farm will provide enough energy for 100,000 homes.

the blood supply (= the blood that flows to a part of the body )

the blood supply to the brain

the electricity supply (= electricity provided to homes and businesses )

The storms have disrupted the electricity supply to some areas.

the labour supply (= all the people available to work )

What was the effect of the war on the labour supply?

the water supply (= water and the lakes, reservoirs etc where it is stored )

A dam was built to improve the water supply.

was in short supply (= not enough of it was available )

Gasoline was in short supply after the war.




Within a week, one and a half million men, with abundant supplies , were in position for a massed attack.

This was due to an abundant supply and thus relatively low costs for pork.

One thing becomes clear about large animal size: such creatures must have an abundant supply of food.

In contrast with serum, the ratios of 5-ASA to Ac-5-ASA are higher than 1, reflecting the abundant supply of 5-ASA.

Nevertheless, sustained horticulture needs an abundant supply of organic waste to maintain soil structure and fertility.

Although growth hormone is in abundant supply , other factors are limiting growth.


But, as disappointed abolitionists in the country reported, adequate supply remained crucial.

It also is working to ensure an adequate supply of modems too, from Motorola and others.

Basically, if you follow the suggestions we have made earlier, you will obtain adequate supplies of vitamins and minerals.

Each family was perennially engaged in securing an adequate food supply for its members.

Encouragement and real results are the essential ingredients required to nurture adequate supplies of willpower and to keep it growing.

While saying this I do not want to exaggerate the lack of adequate supplies of goodwill.

Others represented yet more heroes and champions, of which the disc had a more than adequate supply .

The restrictions in outdoor water use were approved last week to help maintain adequate supplies during the shutdown.


The team want to load this vehicle with medical, food and other essential supplies .

Apart from taking on essential supplies , the trip is non-stop.

Many local industrialists rely on credit from international loan agencies, others import essential supplies and the majority import essential equipment.


Similarly, if the price level should fall, the real wage would rise, creating an excess supply of labour.

Traders said intensifying worries about falling prices and excess supply have sent investors scurrying from the semiconductor sector.

It must be stressed that this equilibrium involves no excess demand or supply of any investment asset.

The result in this case is a 10, 000-bushel surplus or excess supply of corn in the market.

Initially we assume that there is excess supply in both markets.

However, a surplus or excess supply still exists and competition among sellers will once again bid down the price of corn.

On the other hand, if the initial state is one of excess supply money-wages will fall at a rate.

Inflation was caused by excess money supply and too low interest rates in 1987-8.


They have been able to keep up stocks of medical supplies , largely due to gifts of money.

He said other money from his group was used to buy medical supplies and to pay for the logistics of the trip.

Cartons of medical supplies were stacked on the dirt floor.

In that time they carried two and a half thousand tonnes of food and medical supplies saving countless lives.

The claims were for non-existent medical supplies .

Sure enough, doctors ditched the other parties thrown by rival medical supply companies.


The liquid is burnt in a plentiful supply of air and the temperature rise in the surrounding water bath is measured.

Buy fresh foods when they are in plentiful supply , that is, in season. 12.

A plentiful supply of anything is a recipe for disaster.

A plentiful supply of food is particularly important for hedgehogs after hibernation and prior to breeding.

As soon as the eggs hatch you will need to provide a plentiful supply of the plant that the caterpillar feeds on.

For years we have taken its plentiful , unadulterated supply for granted.

That night they simply marched on to the airfield and set their bombs on a plentiful supply of aircraft.

There was a plentiful supply of cheap labour that could be easily employed in tiny sweatshops.


So they always have a ready supply of air in their lungs with which to generate clicks and sing songs.

This ensures a ready supply for a few weeks without having to repeat the process.

He has a ready supply , and despite the heavy atmosphere and flat light it carries us out to Langdale.

Dozens of national ticket brokers have a ready supply to pass on, albeit for a profit.

It means I've always got a ready supply of paint stirring or glue sticks.

A ready supply of meat that makes weekly shopping for meats unnecessary. 2.


Here items in short supply are sold at inflated prices - but still generally lower than on the black market.

Certainly fresh, new ideas were in short supply during the sessions I attended.

We could only use candles it night if we were working, because they were in very short supply .

The automaker was particularly vulnerable because it keeps only a short supply of extra parts to save costs.

Here, where clean drinking water is in short supply , expensive drugs are beyond ordinary people's reach.

For the consumer, the shrunken harvest means shorter supplies and higher prices at the supermarket.

And that's really the story for this afternoon, with sunshine in short supply .

With basic needs in increasingly short supply , the social fabric of Cairo is showing signs of fraying.


One man could not be found, several others were slightly injured, but worst of all vital supplies were missing.

Container ships with vital supplies are stranded on the high seas.

Surrounded by crossfire the Hercules, carrying vital supplies of food and medicines, descends steeply to avoid the crossfire.

Sacha Bull was born with a heart defect which meant vital blood supplies were being channelled to other parts of the body.

Some vital supplies were lost when natives attacked pack-horse trains.



In Raynaud's disease, the blood supply to the fingers is faulty, leading to attacks of numbness and discomfort.

Teeth usually become less sensitive as their nerve and blood supply decreases.

Dead surface epithelial cells are normally rapidly replaced and the health of the tissue is maintained by a good blood supply .

There are at least a dozen other restrictions aimed at preserving blood supply safety.

Large doses can result in blockages in blood supply to vital organs and breathing problems.

The blood supply in major Western countries is now safer than it has ever been.

Its superb massaging fingers will tone up problem areas such as hips and thighs and also help to stimulate your blood supply .

A day later, the tissue was inserted between stomach muscles, just above the bellybutton, where blood supply is plentiful.


A procurement-policy board, for example, has at last begun to scrutinise all supply contracts for incompetent spending, or worse.

The most important of these relate to the quality and fitness of goods under supply contracts .

In product markets characterised by complex production processes long-term supply contracts or sub-contracts are commonly used to try and lower these costs.

Dealers may also wish to consider including appropriate and reasonable exemption clauses in their supply contracts with respect to advice-giving computer systems.

There shall be a strong emphasis on sale in this work because it provides the model for other supply contracts .


In the extreme case where the aggregate supply curve is vertical, the increased money supply will simply lead to higher prices.

Why does the supply curve slope upward?

If, however, the authorities were to control interest rates, the supply curve might become downward sloping.

What happens to the supply curve when each of these determinants changes?

Banks will merely supply whatever is demanded: in this case the supply curve is the same as the demand curve.

Graphically, the intersection of the supply curve and the demand curve for the product will indicate the equilibrium point.

With the upward-sloping supply curve , higher demand leads to higher interest rates and higher supply.

By polluting, that is, by creating spillover costs, the firm enjoys lower production costs and the supply curve 5.


The companies plan to apply the concept to gas and electricity supplies as well as security systems.

After all, what were a theorist's research results worth compared with a lifetime of experience in electricity supply ?

Is there an electricity supply ? 7.

It is dreadful. Electricity supplies are patchy.

The electricity supply industry is to be broken up and sold.

Band A, intended for the use of the electricity supply industry, does not exist.

The company was also legally bound to promote competition in the industry and ensure electricity supplies met standards of supply and quality.

The electricity supply had not been cut off and nor had the telephone.


On days when your toddler's energy supply seems endless, you really need to get him out of the house.

Millions of informed people are concerned about future energy supplies for Earth.

Reddy disagrees with the assumption that such expensive energy supply is necessary.

Perata said his figure was a fraction of the amount the state is now spending on emergency energy supplies .

They use solar collectors and windmills for energy supply and each region aims at self-sufficiency in proteins.

The renewable energy sources must eventually dominate world energy supply .

Wouldn't it be nice not to have to worry about your energy supply ?


So everything seemed okay: the barn was secure, the food supply was better than good and the terrain near perfect.

To protect the food supply , the government ordered the slaughter of affected cattle.

Unemployment is at 38 %, and thousands are being denied access to humanitarian aid, food supplies and work.

When population had caught up with these new areas, population would again press upon the food supply .

They import about 80% of their liquid milk, and much of the rest of their food supply .

They munch native marine life, mow down food supplies and occupy territory, Carlton said.

The lack of fish remains and the presence of bones of domestic animals suggests that food supply was no problem.

Each family was perennially engaged in securing an adequate food supply for its members.


Some estimates suggest that up to 11 percent of total gas supply in Britain is being lost.

Now, with temperatures warming and demand easing, greater gas supply and pipeline space are becoming available.

Alarms sound if gas supplies break down, and automatically connect reserve tanks.

The gas supply situation is, however, the subject of some controversy with substantial differences appearing in estimates by authoritative groups.

A simple change in the weather can make significant changes in demand on the gas supply system.

Interruptible gas supplies undercut the cost of fuel oil considerably.

But neither at school nor at home was there a gas supply .

Wave charts show breathing pattern, and alarms sound if breathing falters or gas supplies are affected.


Training and Education Inner-city policy has, on the whole, not related to questions of labour supply .

Concern for the welfare of the workers, or labour supply , changed.

Under a system of progressive income taxation, there are few apriori sustainable generalizations about the labour supply consequences of taxation.

The quality of the labour supply in the cities might also be another important factor for high unemployment.

In contrast, this ratio does not seem to have played much of a direct role in explaining rising aggregate labour supply .

It all depends on the elasticity of labour supply .

Because households do not realize their desired labour supply , they will not be able to achieve their desired demand for goods.

The more inelastic the labour supply , the lower is the distortion introduced by any particular income tax rate.


Any increase in the money supply , they argue, will simply lead to higher prices and a lower exchange rate.

Bundesbank officials have predicated another cut in the discount rate on the pace of money supply growth.

To talk about controlling the money supply is too vague.

Likewise, the Fed can shrink the money supply by selling the public a bond.

The sum involved represented more than half of the federal government's planned increase in the money supply for 1991.

But sometimes unscrupulous leaders added coins to the money supply by minting new coins that contained less gold and silver.

In February every measure of the money supply slowed.

Incidentally, these money supply figures have nothing to do with gold.


Uninterrupted power supply is a vital support for the modern way of life.

A power supply is provided, and a central supply of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

AccuCard and its ilk sit between the power supply and the motherboard. so they're too far downstream to help.

So far we have concentrated on the use of helium-3 as a power supply for planet-bound civilization.

This would effectively reduce the power supply to a simple half wave rectified type.

Unlike other memory chips, flash does not lose the stored contents when the computer is disconnected from a power supply .

Estates Dept. Power supply work - Computer operations.

Your power supply can handle normal fluctuations in house current.


Mr Mobutu had cut the supply route after a dispute with Mr Savimbi.

The bases and the well-traveled supply routes that kept them run-ning were as obvious as Nui Ba Den.

From the summit there is a view of the Roman supply route , Dere Street.

None of the supply routes go close to the point where Sunderby's aircraft ditched.

At other times, they waged an incessant guerrilla war, attacking isolated Roman garrisons, ambushing caravans, cutting supply routes .


This time Dennis claimed hits on a destroyer while Osborne inflicted damage on a supply ship .


On the supply side we can identify long- and short-term influences.

We have to change both the demand side and the supply side of the equation.

On the supply side , there are two main sources of market failure.

The other side of the poverty story is the supply side of the labor market, which is the focus here.

Although changes in performance arise as a result of supply side factors, they manifest themselves as shifts in demand curve.

Simply put, the supply side of our economic security also requires a labor force.

The measures, designed to boost the supply side of the economy, were announced in this year's Budget.

The supply side of the labor market is primarily the family.


In every case there is mains electricity &038; a good water supply .

That left municipal water supply as the sole conceivable justification.

The improving of the water supply .

If the valve has jammed shut, causing the feed-and-expansion tank to run dry, again turn off the water supply .

Engineers now realise that sewerage can not be technically viable without a large domestic water supply .

The Bill builds on that by introducing greater competition in gas and water supply services.

A more sinister development is the seepage of nitrate into aquifers which are used as sources of the domestic water supply .



It had been found difficult to control money supply and to keep it within target ranges.

The Fed sets monetary policy by controlling short-term inter-est rates and by trying to control the supply of money.

It has been suggested that the methods of controlling the money supply were at fault.

She does not simply restore plant life, but teaches the secrets of agriculture, giving humans control over their food supply .

To talk about controlling the money supply is too vague.

What are the limitations on these methods of controlling the money supply ?

Why does an unstable demand for money make it difficult to control the supply of money?


The state also plans to cut supplies to urban consumers by half.

In Maharashtra, for example, the government cuts off supplies to parts of the state once a week.

Mr Mobutu had cut the supply route after a dispute with Mr Savimbi.

Most main roads were cut , creating supply problems.

It said it would cut the power supply to the national grid if its demands were not met.

Sales agents acting on behalf of manufacturers, are vigilant in preventing retailers from selling at lower prices by threatening to cut future supplies .

Don't tread around bushes to firm them, this will cut off the oxygen supply to the roots.

It would help, he says, if the United States cut military supplies to those commanders making money out of heroin.


Finally, the toughest problem will probably be to ensure the supply , preparation, and testing of top management people.

It also is working to ensure an adequate supply of modems too, from Motorola and others.

Second, ensure there is a supply teacher available and prepare a schedule of work for all your classes.

This ensures a ready supply for a few weeks without having to repeat the process.

When necessary, bacteria cheat to ensure a supply of new mutations.

The prison served as a means of ensuring a supply of labour.

In this respect, the learner exercises his own initiative to ensure the proper supply of comprehensible input.

In a few cases, investing enterprises may have hoped to ensure supplies of scarce raw materials or energy supplies.


This increases the money supply in the same way as does a balance of payments surplus.

Thus a higher wage rate increases the supply of hours of work, but reduces the demand for hours of work.

The demand could be met only by increasing and widening supplies .

Right now, we are increasing our sampling of supplies in the home to further ensure the quality of your drinking water.

The affordability problem is not simply a matter of increasing the supply of homes.

Cutting income tax will increase the supply of labour input, chiefly by attracting new workers into the labour force.

The signs are that other parishes in this region were equally active in increasing their supply of pastures and meadows.


The heart needs a constant good supply of oxygen which it gets from the bloodstream.

Massie and the Sensable team realized early on that customers needed a ready-made supply of digital objects.

We need supplies but the seas are too heavy for the little Sea Adventure.

Neither source is by itself sufficient to provide the needed supply rate of NEAs.

The Garden Hosepipe Controller is mains-powered so needs a supply socket available nearby.

And after a week, people no longer needed supplies .

But they need constant supplies of food and even temperatures.

You know the brain needs its blood supply .


We already have compressed tablets that provide a daily supply of vitamins and minerals.

Neither source is by itself sufficient to provide the needed supply rate of NEAs.

We have to find ways of providing an equitable supply of food that does not depend upon crude market forces.

Water was and is brought to Los Angeles less to meet a necessary demand than to provide an infinite supply .

The small supplier firm will often be located near to the big firm, and will be expected to provide supplies on demand.

As soon as the eggs hatch you will need to provide a plentiful supply of the plant that the caterpillar feeds on.

The Contractor will be required to provide his own supply for drinking water etc.

They are connected to a transformer, which provides the 12 V supply to the lights.


Later this month, federal authorities are expected to announce plans to reduce their supplies of water to farmers by three-quarters.

Therefore, an increase in, say, sales or property taxes will increase costs and reduce supply .

Both changes must eventually reduce the food supply , both animal and plant, available to birds in farmland habitats.

The mill closures will reduce lumber supplies , since lumber and wood chips are usually made at the same time.

This would effectively reduce the power supply to a simple half wave rectified type.

The pollution of lakes and rivers has reduced the supply of freshwater fish.

Open-market operations are more likely to be effective in reducing the money supply , therefore, when conducted in the bond market.


During the drought some households had their water supply cut off.

First prize was a year's supply of baby food.

Food supplies in the camp were already running out.

More donors are needed as blood supplies run low.

The drought is threatening the water supply in some areas.

The electricity supply is less reliable in mountainous areas of the country.

The hospital keeps a large supply of blood for use in emergencies.

The nation's fuel supplies will not last forever.

The patient suffered a sudden decrease in the blood supply to part of her brain.

The steel industry depends on a regular supply of raw materials.

The supermarket donated a year's supply of groceries to one needy family.

We need to improve the supply of food to the area affected by the floods.


In south Texas, the water supply is close to failing.

In the extreme case, the supply will depend exclusively on demand.

Joe kept records of his stills photography and checked through the medical supplies.

The size of a premium or discount for a currency depends on demand and supply in the forward market for it.

The two do not always go together and experts who combine the two are in short supply .

We have to find ways of providing an equitable supply of food that does not depend upon crude market forces.

Within a week, one and a half million men, with abundant supplies, were in position for a massed attack.

II. verb




Please supply a valid package name.

Please supply a valid existence string.

Please supply a valid charge code.

Please supply a new, unique name for the package and any sub-packages to be created.

Please supply a valid number of modules.

D and Maggie are waiting. 19+ please supply photo.



No single method supplies all the answers to investment decisions.

No single characterisation or particular formulation of the rule enjoining judicial obedience to statute can supply answers in advance ... Questions 1.

She could supply them with a few answers .

The question of work discipline was often raised by the respondents but they supplied no easy answers .

Preliminary enquiries should be treated seriously and the seller's legal representatives should do their best to supply full answers .


From a busy garden centre, the company supplies roses, shrubs, trees and bedding plants, all at competitive prices.

Rather like the steel deal, one company would supply the materials and another the labor for putting them in place.

The company also supplies beer etc. to another 197 free houses and clubs within the region.

The company also supplies the local fire department with certain equipment, including special nozzles and foam.

Self installation is allowed by some companies , who supply the meter and usually arrange a survey and inspection.

Could some company not supply the basic necessary resources to deliver the lesson adequately?

Usually, the company supplies the snacks.


The arrangement sprang out of Compaq winning a contract to supply hardware, which was used to manage the 1991 national elections.

In 1986, the employer signed the main contract to supply redesigned equipment based on the patented invention.

She landed at least two substantial contracts to supply stockings to the parliamentary army in Ireland.

An oral contract for supplying a haulage service is just as enforceable as a written one for this purpose.

A particular coup for the firm was the contract to supply the rapidly expanding Marks and Spencer chain.

Would there have been a contract to supply a record if the advertisement had asked only for three wrappers and no money?


Where a party fails to supply a copy of any document the court may make such order as it thinks fit.

Shuttleworth Collection have supplied a copy of the engine manual - who else can lend a hand?

Generally, you will be supplied with a third copy for your file.

Newcastle supplied copies of ten forms.

He was found not guilty of supplying a copy of an unclassified and uncut version of the sexually explicit film Caligula.

Editor Mike Magee is keen to supply afflicted users with copies of Clearaid.

Twenty copies of the form must be supplied along with between copies of supporting documentation.


It will supply electricity to 25,000 homes in the Midlands.

Thousands of families live there without basic services because government agencies are barred from supplying electricity and water to disputed areas.

He will recharge it from his house mains-supplied by a specialist electricity company which generates its power from the wind.

In the Altamont Pass in California some 2000 microprocessor controlled windmills have been erected to supply commercial electricity .

He subsequently offered to supply free electricity to Czechoslovakia to compensate for the loss of generating capacity from the plant.

A small diesel generator supplies electricity for the hospital, which has no patients yet.

The government mandates the franchise holder to supply all the electricity required by all users in the franchise area.

The generators have to bid for the right to supply electricity to the National Grid, the central player in the system.


Like their aquatic counterparts they have to take in a great deal of substance to supply their energy needs.

Peripheral functions, like supplying your own energy , are quickly passed on to another company.

In order to split water into oxygen and hydrogen, we would have to supply energy .

Its sole nutritional function is to supply energy .

It feeds in order to supply itself with energy , but it does not grow.


B asks C to supply equipment which is essential to the process.

Companies such as Cisco Systems already supply some equipment for the network.

In 1986, the employer signed the main contract to supply redesigned equipment based on the patented invention.

Approval will also be given to supply bomb disposal equipment and goods for civilian end-users.


It does not deter firms from supplying on credit, and there is always insurance cover to fall back on.

Numerous firms competed to supply markets at prices which none controlled.

Among the smaller firms supplying the larger ones, some may be operating independently and others as subcontractors.

Rapid expansion of firms supplying temporary help will be responsible for much of the growth in this occupation.

The filter was developed by the University of Salonika, with the Rhone-Poulenc chemicals firm supplying the additive.

Households supply labour and demand goods; firms supply goods and demand labour.

He is preparing to send inspectors into the company to investigate growing evidence that the London-based firm knowingly supplied smugglers.

Goods are provided in this way because of difficulties in defining their desired characteristics sufficiently for private, profit-seeking firms to supply them.


Some were eating, and Ruth guessed that they had broken into the food supplies they had brought for the voyage.

Table 8-2 shows the seven food groups that supplied 78 % or more of sodium for both genders and all age-groups.

Because they are more slowly metabolised, unrefined foods supply a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

This is an important issue for impoverished countries with limited food supplies .

The turkey and black vultures at the park are well-fed and then scared into bringing up their food to supply the chicks.

Does your food supply you with enough calcium, iron, and vitamins?

But at that point hope is cruelly dashed, for the food he supplies is that terrible mound of quails.

The foods which supply you with fibre also supply you with calories.


Our ability to supply gas in outlying areas has been considerably improved in joint 26A co-operation with our P.E. manufacturers.

Three restaurants were being supplied with natural gas from trucks.

All are supplied in either gas or electric models.

Upstairs were four bedrooms and a bathroom, with hot water being supplied via a gas geyser.

Hides supplies gas for the generation of power to the nearby Porgera gold mine.

It also supplied and maintained the gas street lighting.


If the seller then supplies goods or services in response to that order, there is a contract on those terms.

They follow and brilliantly exploit technological progress, and supply high-quality goods at low prices.

This part of the enterprise was particularly successful and we are grateful to Len for supplying the goods and our Hon.

If the seller supplies goods or services in response, the supply may be regarded as an acceptance of those terms.

Households supply labour and demand goods; firms supply goods and demand labour.

They keep wanting to supply goods without going through the proper procedures.

Manning said he was told Mr McVeigh had been warned on four occasions not to supply goods to the security forces.


Of the 34 universities contacted only 17 were able to supply the appropriate information requested.

Only movies are supplied with any additional information .

The teacher in the next example has supplied just enough information to start Jonathon on the road to discovery.

Couplet presumably for the Confucius Sinarum Philosophus, which supplied him with the information on which he based his discovery.

Since we spoke, I have met with our accounting vice president, who supplied the necessary information .

You should repeat supplying valid information for all mandatory fields.

C, said the federal government stands by its findings because states supply the information .


Are socialist bureaucrats better at supplying a market than private traders?

Numerous firms competed to supply markets at prices which none controlled.

As well as increasing export earnings they also add to the pipeline network supplying the home market .

Firms can choose to supply an overseas market either by exporting to it or by locating production there.

The move was interpreted by some as a concession to Lloyd's brokers who supply the market with its business.

The object is to establish the change in hours supply to the labour market ta.

He supervised operations from a large warehouse at Greenwich on the Thames, whence he supplied the metropolitan market in particular.

Many other companies supply products to this market place with varying degrees of compatibility.


Cost reports Occasionally contractors are unable or unwilling to supply a specified material or equipment.

Rather like the steel deal, one company would supply the materials and another the labor for putting them in place.

Amdega will build it from start to finish or supply the materials only.

Here, he was much better supplied with materials than for Elphege.

But in the give and take of biology the tubeworm has to supply raw materials to the bacteria.

The owner Harry Wills accepts, provided they supply the materials and start next Monday.

Explain whether this is a legally binding contract and whether or not Wilson Decorators must supply materials and receive £800. 4.


On present trends, there will be serious problems in continuing to be able to supply that particular need .

The hand pump on the other hand supplies a basic human need required by all people, clean water.

It lives in small troops in defended home ranges that supply its needs .

An acre-foot is enough water to supply the needs of a family of four for a year.

Grazing herbivores can often be supplied with all their needs from the growths of various algae present in the aquarium.

As for drink, he drew endlessly to supply his need .

You supplied a deep-seated need in me to blot out what I'd seen.

It is unreasonable to look to the school to supply all the musical needs of the parish.


Many of these boats had been supplied to foreign naval powers and had been proved able and fast in all sea conditions.

The designers decided to supply the cognitive power of this machine by giving it a human.

Monktonhall was opened in the 1960s to supply its power station at Cockenzie, East Lothian.

The case is supplied with the power supply already in place and the motherboard with its memory modules fitted.

A red light above the panel showed the equipment was on, supplied by automatic power , probably from batteries.

All you need is an interface from the car phone and an inverter from the battery to supply the power .

It supplies both light and power to the works.

The wheel was originally a large low breastshot type with wooden buckets, supplying the power for six sets of stones.


A producer is not required to meet expectations of safety which arise after he has supplied the product .

At first, she required customers to supply the cleaning products she used.

Under the new agreement, Ericsson will now supply the Cisco products to end-users worldwide.

If the own-brander or importer is being sued, then the 10 years run from when he supplied the product .

Andersen has also become a Notes reseller, so it can supply the product as part of its own services.

The defendant did not supply the product , e.g. it was stolen from his premises. 3.

Many other companies supply products to this market place with varying degrees of compatibility.


During the Second World War the whole economic effort centred on supplying and employing sufficient quantities of labour and materials.

At $ 3, quantity supplied and quantity demanded are in balance; that is, equilibrium quantity is 7000 bushels.

The charge to such consumers did, of course, reflect some of the higher cost of supplying small quantities of electricity.

If you use solid fuel many approved coal merchants provide budget schemes and supply small quantities .


Geographical organisations would still operate the railway, but their role was to supply train services to the business sectors.

In return, he had to supply a series of services , including assistance in four cases. 1.

If the seller then supplies goods or services in response to that order, there is a contract on those terms.

If the seller supplies goods or services in response, the supply may be regarded as an acceptance of those terms.

Also if the accountant stops supplying such services to a client this does not apparently in itself fix the time of supply.

Elected representatives have poor information on the minimum costs needed to supply a public service .

Microsoft channel partners will supply other services to the reseller community and fee-based support will also be available directly from Microsoft Connect.

An oral contract for supplying a haulage service is just as enforceable as a written one for this purpose.


After all, many countries can supply cheap software technicians.

The first 50 colleges that applied were supplied with software and digital cameras.

Some firms, such as Texas, already supply all their software in this form.

Cristie supplies its own software , and there seems no reason to use anything else.

Some dealers who supply design software are able to supply computers, while others can advise you where to go for help.

Initially Lotus will supply the software through its own channels, recently bolstered in a search for more sophisticated resellers.


A direct system has only one water circuit which supplies both the taps and the radiators.

High levels of coliform bacteria may indicate more serious problems in a water supply , such as the infiltration of fecal material.

The water was supplied from an eight-wheeled tanker that had arrived in Heymouth only an hour before.

A profile of the area in which the facility is situated, including its proximity to population and water supplies 4.

The hot water cylinder supplies the domestic hot water to the taps.

Experts say it would take years of equally historic rainfall to get water supplies back to normal levels.

Upstairs were four bedrooms and a bathroom, with hot water being supplied via a gas geyser.

Clean drinking water is supplied and this is as important as a varied diet to encourage birds to the garden.


The company supplies fish to local shops and restaurants.

The US government was accused of supplying the rebels with arms and equipment.


A great range of waiting-rooms, offices, restaurants, baggage rooms, and a post office were supplied within.

He wanted Frank and Raymo to be part of it and he supplied some operational details.

Interspersed between tragic stories are a few songs supplying pointed but comic relief.

Johns notes that the strategy of substituting active for passive raises the problem of supplying a subject for the active clause.

This also supplies the data for D2.

To make life easier for the user a keyboard overlay is supplied which carries the various options.

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