Meaning of SUPPLY in English



1. to provide something that is needed

2. to provide a service for a particular group of people

3. something that is provided

4. a company or country that supplies things to people


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1. to provide something that is needed

▷ provide /prəˈvaɪd/ [transitive verb]

if a person or organization provides something, they make it available for someone who needs it or wants it :

▪ Your bank should be able to provide financial advice.

provide something for somebody

▪ Free parking is provided for hotel guests.

▪ The university should provide more facilities for disabled students.

provide somebody with something

▪ The money will be used to provide the school with new computer equipment.

▷ supply /səˈplaɪ/ [transitive verb]

to provide things for people, especially regularly and over a long period of time :

supply something to somebody

▪ The company supplies fish to local shops and restaurants.

supply somebody with something

▪ The US government was accused of supplying the rebels with arms and equipment.

▷ fund /fʌnd/ [transitive verb]

to provide money for a person or organization so that they can do something :

▪ The museum is funded by the local authority.

▪ They suspect that the rebels are being funded by Western governments.

▷ offer /ˈɒfəʳǁˈɔːf-/ [transitive verb]

make something available to people if they want or need it, especially something that will be good for them, such as help, advice, or a chance to do something :

offer something to somebody

▪ The booklet offers practical advice to new parents.

offer somebody something

▪ The prison now offers inmates the chance to study and take exams.

offer something

▪ The shelter offers some protection from the icy winds.

▪ Sending goods by road offers greater speed and flexibility.

▷ equip /ɪˈkwɪp/ [transitive verb]

to provide a person, group, or organization with the things they need for a particular kind of activity or work :

equip somebody with something

▪ Police officers have been equipped with batons and riot shields in preparation for tonight’s match.

▪ We try to equip our students with the skills they will need in the world of work.

equipped [adjective]

▪ The ship is modern and very well equipped.

▪ This is one of the best equipped hospitals in the country.

▷ issue /ˈɪʃuː, ˈɪsjuːǁˈɪʃuː/ [transitive verb usually in passive]

if an organization or someone in an official position issues equipment, clothes, weapons etc, they provide these things because people need them :

issue somebody with something

▪ Police in Britain are not usually issued with guns.

▪ Visitors are issued with identity cards to wear inside the factory.

issue something to somebody

▪ Blankets and warm clothes will be issued to those who need them.

▷ lay on /ˌleɪ ˈɒn/ [transitive phrasal verb] British

to provide things such as food or entertainment, so that they are available when people want them :

lay on something

▪ I’ve asked the catering manager to lay on refreshments at the meeting.

be laid on

▪ Games and entertainment were laid on in the afternoon.

▷ fix somebody up with /ˌfɪks somebody ˈʌp wɪð/ [transitive phrasal verb] informal

to provide someone with something that they need, especially in an unexpected situation :

▪ Can you fix me up with a bed for the night?

▪ I took the car to a nearby garage, and they managed to fix me up with a new tyre.

2. to provide a service for a particular group of people

▷ cater for also cater to /ˈkeɪtəʳ fɔːʳ, ˈkeɪtəʳ tuː/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to provide services to a group of people, especially a group that has particular problems or particular needs :

▪ The hostel caters for single people who are unable to find affordable accommodation.

▪ The market now caters mainly to tourists.

be well catered for

▪ Children are well catered for at the Hotel Paradiso.

cater to somebody’s every need

▪ Cabin staff will cater to your every need.

▷ serve /sɜːʳv/ [transitive verb]

to provide a service for a very large group of people, especially those living in a particular area :

▪ He served the community for over thirty years as a head teacher.

▪ The new bus route will serve the villages to the west of York.

serve the needs of somebody

▪ The center was opened four months ago to serve the health needs of a low-income neighborhood.

▷ provide for /prəˈvaɪd fɔːʳ/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to provide a service for a particular group of people, especially one that they really need :

▪ The nursing home provides for all the needs of the elderly.

▪ Local authorities must provide for the education of all children with learning difficulties.

3. something that is provided

▷ supply /səˈplaɪ/ [singular noun]

a system of supplying things that people need, such as food or medicine :

supply of

▪ We need to improve the supply of food to the area affected by the floods.

▪ The steel industry depends on a regular supply of raw materials.

water/blood/electricity etc supply

▪ The patient suffered a sudden decrease in the blood supply to part of her brain.

▪ The drought is threatening the water supply in some areas.

▷ flow /fləʊ/ [singular noun]

a continuous supply of something, especially from one place to another :

▪ the flow of oil from the Middle East

▪ The civil war has severely disrupted the flow of humanitarian aid to the region.

▷ service /ˈsɜːʳvɪs, ˈsɜːʳvəs/ [countable noun]

an organization or system that provides something for people, or the product or help it provides :

▪ A private car service is available from the airport.

▪ Electrical service was cut off for up to five hours in some parts of the country yesterday.

provide/perform a service

▪ The business, if properly regulated, performs a useful service for lottery winners.

4. a company or country that supplies things to people

▷ supplier /səˈplaɪəʳ/ [countable noun]

a company or country that supplies things to people :

supplier of

▪ one of the world’s biggest suppliers of defense equipment

the main/major supplier

▪ The company is now the main supplier of educational software to schools.

▷ provider /prəˈvaɪdəʳ/ [countable noun]

a company or organization that provides a service for customers :

education/health/healthcare provider

▪ schools, colleges and other education providers

service provider

▪ The company is now one of the regions main Internet service providers.

provider of

▪ a leading provider of personal financial services

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