Meaning of SUPPLY in English


~ 1 [ sə'plʌɪ ]

■ verb ( supplies , ~ing , supplied )

1》 make (something needed) available to someone.

↘provide with something needed.

↘be adequate to satisfy (a requirement or demand).

2》 archaic take over (a vacant place or role).

■ noun ( plural supplies )

1》 a stock or amount of something supplied or available.

↘the action of ~ing.

2》 [usu. as modifier ] a person, especially a schoolteacher, acting as a temporary substitute for another.

3》 ( supplies ) Brit. a grant of money by Parliament for the costs of government.


on ~ (of a schoolteacher) acting as a temporary substitute.

~ and demand the amount of a good or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price.


supplier noun


ME: from OFr. soupleer , from L. supplere 'fill up'.


~ 2 [ 'sʌpli ]

■ adverb variant spelling of supplely (see supple ).

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