Meaning of SUPPLY in English


1. v. & n. (-ies, -ied)

1. provide or furnish (a thing needed).

2 (often foll. by with) provide (a person etc. with a thing needed).

3 meet or make up for (a deficiency or need etc.).

4 fill (a vacancy, place, etc.) as a substitute.

--n. (pl. -ies)

1. the act or an instance of providing what is needed.

2 a stock, store, amount, etc., of something provided or obtainable (a large supply of water; the gas-supply).

3 (in pl.) a the collected provisions and equipment for an army, expedition, etc. b a grant of money by Parliament for the costs of government. c a money allowance to a person.

4 (often attrib.) a person, esp. a schoolteacher or clergyman, acting as a temporary substitute for another.

5 (attrib.) providing supplies or a supply (supply officer).

Phrases and idioms:

in short supply available in limited quantity. on supply (of a schoolteacher etc.) acting as a supply. supply and demand Econ. quantities available and required as factors regulating the price of commodities. supply-side Econ. denoting a policy of low taxation and other incentives to produce goods and invest.


supplier n.

Etymology: ME f. OF so(u)pleer etc. f. L supplere (as SUB-, plere fill) 2. adv. (also supplely) in a supple manner .

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